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Watercolours Image 1 - MT Taunton        Watercolours Image2 - MT Taunton

My interest in watercolours began when I first started buying antiques at local auction houses.

I noticed that it was possible to buy an original painting for a relatively low price. If you consider the cost of a nicely framed print sold in an art shop in the High Street, for a similar price you could have one that is unique and original, and retain it's value. Researching the artists' name may also enable one to pick up a bargain.

There are a number of ready made frame suppliers, where you can buy mounts and frames, to present them properly.

Victorian's and Edwardian's would paint in watercolours, much as we today, take photographs.
Watercolours Image 3 - MT Taunton        Watercolours Image4 - MT Taunton

These paintings shown were bought, with a number of others, at a house sale some time ago. The same artist, Margaret Trafford Taunton, painted them all.

The self-portrait of M.T.Taunton, oil on card, was painted in the late 1930's. Most of her paintings were dated 1920-1930's. The address she gave at the time was 12 Cathnor Road, Goldhawk Road, W12.
I have tried to trace a history about her and whether she ever exhibited, but have not found anything so far. If anyone has information relating to this artist, I would be grateful to receive it.

I received an Email from Francis Trafford Taunton which read... You asked about Margaret Trafford Taunton I think. Their address you gave was incorrect - she lived at 15 Cathnor Road, London W.12 until 1971. She was my aunt. I don't think she ever exhibited, certainly not when I was growing up there. Her mother was Winefrede Trafford Taunton who wrote novels at the turn of the last century (Romance of a State Secret) was one

Romance of a State secret

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