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Restoration supplies and materials
Many of the tools and materials used in the antique furniture restoration process are modern items.

For many furniture items you do not need to use traditional tools and materials to achieve an authentic finish to your furniture. In most cases nowadays, there is no affordable alternative available other than to use modern materials for the Restoration Enthusiast.

If you really want to achieve the finest possible finish to a particular item of furniture, then you probably won't be trying to restore the item yourself, but will use the services of a professional antiques restorer. But for those of us that like to restore items of antique furniture for our own pleasure both in terms of carrying out the project and the finished article, rather than necessarily restoring to make a quick profit then the tools and materials that you can get from your local hardware store or DIY centre are more than adequate, and in many cases will be "the tools of the trade" anyway. Upholstery Courses


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Upholstery Materials

Everything you need to traditionally upholster your old sofa, chair or chaise: hessian, calico, webbing, vegetable fibre, lay cord, buttoning twine, flax twine, tacks, gimp pins, upholstery nails, tacking strip, springs etc.
All materials are fire retardent.
Free M and M Upholstery Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, and Cedar Creek Lake, Texas

Bournemouth Upholstery Centre.
Has an online catalogue for all your upholstery needs

Abbey Brass for castors, handles etc.
Wooden Knobs & Feet .... China & Brass Knobs.... Oval Handles .... Oval / Victorian Handles .... Swan Neck Handles .... Continental Handles .... Drawer Pulls .... Escutcheons .... Wardrobe and Pedestal Handles.... Bone Escutcheons & Knobs .... Castors .... Lifting Handles .... Black Iron .... Hand Forged Black Iron .... Hooks and Hinges .... Door Knobs .... Locks & Escutcheons.... Locks & Door Keeps.... Miscellaneous .... Window Fittings .... Ornamental....

Martin for antique reproduction cabinet fittings etc.
This website offers probably the greatest range of solid brass, antique reproduction cabinet fittings available anywhere in the world!
But we offer so much more besides! As well as cabinet handles, plate, oval, ring, drop, pull handles, and escutcheons, we can also supply you with castors, hinges, pulls, locks, stays, clock fittings, brackets, cardframes, bells, and door knockers.

Everything You Need For Woodcare- From Start To Finish.. for restoring you furniture ! The largest range available in the UK! Over 1,500 items in stock!!!!! UPHOLSTERY TOOLS AND KITS Manufactured By C.S. Osborne & Co.
The Worlds Premier Maker Of Upholstery Tools (American made since 1826) (USA Site) Upholstery Nails & Tacks, Upholstery Tools, Upholstery Kits, Upholstery Thread, Hogrings & Hogring Pliers, Upholstery Needles & Pins, Grommet Kits & Grommets, Hammers & Mallets, Rubber Webbings & Clips, Upholstery Zippers & Slides, Tailor's Marking Chalk, Cambric Fabric, Black Tufting Twine & ToolTack Strip. (USA site)