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My first oil painting was bought whilst on holiday in the lake district from a farmer turned part time antique dealer, who had turned one of his outbuildings into a shop. The painting was entitled - "Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher " after Thomas Gainsborough. The original hangs in the National Gallery, Dublin. The dimensions are 174x124.5 cms. And was painted in 1785.
The one shown measures 32x40 cms. And was probably painted around the 1850's. It is very similar to the original in colour and detail, except that the girls blouse and skirt is green and not red. The paint was cracking and lifting and needed re-backing onto a new canvas; an art restorer did this. When cleaned and varnished the colours were far more apparent.

Contraries to hanging watercolour paintings out of direct daylight, in preventing it from fading. Oil paintings can benefit from direct sunlight, by restoring to some extent, colours that have darkened by being kept in the dark. Sunlight is known to bleach discoloured ingredients in the oil.

The second painting below, was an exercise in restoring a rather nice frame, which had some plaster mouldings missing. The painting is of an Edwardian Lady by H.D Chadywrick 1903, and measures 70 x 80 cms.
First, I took plaster casts of sections of similar mouldings, which were missing. When completed, I then made from the casts, new mouldings and fitted them into the gaps by gluing into place. Once dry, they were gilded to match the rest of the frame.

Oil Paintings Image 1 - Before        Oil Paintings Image1 - After

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Charles Summers Landscape Oil Paintings
Charles Summers award winning British painter exhibits his rich oil on canvas landscape oil paintings online.


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