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Cleaning Ormolu Clocks

Ormolu clocks

Cleaning Ormolu Clocks is a relatively easy thing to do if you use the right cleaners.

Firstly remove the movement and then the bezel containing the glass front cover. That can be cleaned as one. As with a lot of these clocks they will be quite ornate and would have been put together in sections by small nuts and bolts. Undo these carefully noting their positions for putting back later and take apart each section.

 Ormolu Before          Ormolu After

I would not suggest that you clean the movement this way, if it is really dirty it is best to get a professional clock repairer to clean it.

Mix up in a plastic container the right measure using HOROLENE CLOCK CLEANING CONCENTRATE using a 7 to 1 mix with water. Make up enough so that the fluid completely covers the piece or pieces of the clock case when submerged, if any piece of brass is exposed to the air it will discolour from vapour marks and will be hard to remove.

Always do the smallest part first, to test the result.

Another cleaner that can be used is CLOCKCLEAN concentrate. Both these items can be found on the Internet.

Note that these chemicals contain Ammonia so use in a well ventilated area.

The amount of time the pieces are left in the clock cleaner varies depending on how dirty the item is. Usually 4 or 5 hours but can be left longer if need be up to 24 hours.

Once the item is clean remove from the cleaner and rinse in hot water and dry off with warm air i.e. hair dryer.

When the clock cleaner has been finished with, it can then be poured into airtight bottles, jars etc. and kept for the next time. It will last in that way for some considerable time and can be used for numerous applications.

If you would like advice on cleaning clocks , please get in touch by completing this short form.