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China Marks

Pair of Sylvac rabbit book ends

Their are so many China marks and certainly too many to commit to memory for the average collector. Short of walking around with a book of China marks and constantly checking, it is better to have a few simple guides to help determine the approximate date and manufacturer. For this reason I will give a few pointers to look for.

I also give some links below to find those more unusual marks.

Pieces bearing the words "English Bone China" or "Bone China" are products of the 20th Century.
"Made in England" also suggests 20th Century manufacture, usually after 1914 although it could be as early as 1875 onwards.

In 1891 the Mckinley Tariff Act of America required all imports to America to bear the name of the country of origin.

In 1862, the Trade Mark Act became law. Therefore any piece bearing the words "Trade Mark" can taken as being made from that year onwards.

The word "Limited" or "Ltd" appears after 1860 after a law was passed requiring it to be shown by limited liability companies. Although it was being used on pieces from 1885 onwards.

Pieces bearing a pattern number or name, can be assumed that it dates no earlier than 1810

Royal Arms incorporated into a small mark indicates a date after 1800

From the 19th Century onward the stamp 'Royal Arms' was often granted by the Monarch and added to the Manufacturers name or trade name. Pieces bearing "Royal" can usually be dated after 1850.

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