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Welcome to AW Antiques & Collectibles for restoration & repairs advice

,Email Adrian with your questions, suggestions etc.

Free advice given and help with your restorations. or enquiries


Welcome to my website which has been set up by an enthusiastic antique collector and restorer for enthusiastic antique collectors and restorers around the world.

My name is Adrian Workman and my interest in antique collecting and antique restoration started some 20 years ago, when visiting my first auction. Within this comprehensive site, you will have a wealth of information on collecting Antique and collectable items, with photos and text to help you collect or restore pieces of furniture etc. and hopefully save a considerable amount of money and gain some useful skills for the lovers of antiques. You will be able to contact me on the submission form below, should you wish.


If you have any before and after photographs of restoration projects you have completed and wish to submit them, I will be happy to put them on my site.

On first sight, all I could see were pieces of antique furniture that I felt would be better just taken to the local council tip. It wasn't until I heard what prices were reached for some of the items that I realised; there must be something more to this.
I started reading about antique furniture and furniture restoration, and the way they were constructed using joints and dowels. No nails or screws, just the skills of the carpenter and cabinetmaker. How one can date them by the way they were made, and what materials were used.

I started buying odd chairs in need of repair, dismantling, polishing and restoring them back to their original state.

After some courses taken at local colleges, and reading numerous books on the subject, I progressed to more ambitious restoration projects becoming more confident as they began to fill my house. That has prompted me to set up this website to show what can be done.

With in this website, you can see some of the projects that I have undertaken, with photo's and details, from before and after completion. Hopefully you will be able to gain experience from some of the information given out on this site if you are considering buying, selling collecting or restoring antiques and collectibles.

I will continue to update and add information on a regular basis and would welcome any useful additions or links that you may have.

Based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK, If you wish to contact me, simply email me on my address below, with details of the project concerned.

As well as detailing my own antique restoration projects on this site I will be detailing useful antique related information and websites.

If you run an antiques related business and would like it listed within this website please contact me on my email. ,Email Adrian with your questions, suggestions etc.

Free advice given and help with your restorations. or enquiries

Adrian Workman